Taking The Wrong Turn

Paolo Di Canio runs an extra 14 miles, after firing the gun to start the runners in the Swindon half marathon, and joining in what should have been a 2 mile jog in a fun run. However a wrong turn (was Leon Clarke working as a marshal?) ended in him running the half marathon course and 800 metres of his original course. Showing the will and determination that along with great ability took him to the top of his sport, he went on and on.

Anyone who has run half marathons will respect both the physical and mental strength required to finish, particularly when totally unprepared.

It should also inspire youngsters into realising that mental strength bloody mindedness goes hand in glove when reaching for the heights and even when you have finished and passed your best, in winners a small turn in the wrong direction just kicks in that mind-set automatically.

This attitude can and should be used in all walks of life, but in todays difficult times, self-employed business people need this character in abundance.

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