Make Money From Blogging About Your Interests

The whole idea of blogging is alien to most people. Having to think and write new and fresh blogs is, to most people, particularly hard. However, if I told you that you can make money from blogging about your interests, would this inspire you to write more often? Most people are not a Shakespeare or Dickens, but you still have something valid and interesting to say. Your life is unique and if you can make some money writing about it, all the better for it. So here are 4 ways in which you can do this and have fun to. … Continue reading Make Money From Blogging About Your Interests

Is Your Business Open 24 Hours?

Is your business open 24 hours? Do you even have a Website for your business? This may sound like a stupid question but many online affiliate marketers do not have a website. And many Websites owned by small businesses only have e-mail links to be contacted. These emails can of course be accessed and replied to throughout the day by computer or even by mobile phone, but if you are asleep, you do not want your phone going off all night, every night. You may lose the custom of someone, to a business somewhere in the world that is open. … Continue reading Is Your Business Open 24 Hours?