The younger years

I was born in 1968 and raised in Lincolnshire, England. I had a great childhood – amazing parents and younger sister and our crazy Golden Retriever. Life was good. I remember Sunday afternoons meant family time. My Mum and Dad loved music so it was Blondie and the Clash blasting out the speakers and then onto hearing the new Top 40. I enjoyed music a lot and it was when I was 15 that I realised I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I started by selling pop and rock memorabilia and back catalogue vinyls. It was mainly mail order. I enjoyed it and attended a few business training conferences.

Married life begins

I married in 1989 and we honeymooned in Crete which left us with happy memories we would both love to revisit. We started a family 18 months later and have two much loved grown up children. I focused on being a Mum. Sometimes life was tough. Mostly it was happy though. Losing my Dad was very tough but his spirit will stay with me forever. A truly wonderful man.

Time to be an entrepreneur

In 2005 I started to focus again on my career and decided to start an online business. I started with affiliate sales and realised that it was easy to build residual income. I still get commissions from work I did 2 years ago. And I enjoy it.

International business

My business was very much international and almost every opportunity is paid in US Dollars. This is great for me but after starting a new business training programme with my husband, we found during market research that working in dollars was quite off putting for many in the UK and only people with confidence and passion for business would venture into this area.

UK here we come

So I decided I would start a new website called Olive which is totally dedicated to the UK market and every item for sale is in pounds and pence. International buyers are still very much welcome – but this is my UK focused business and I’m loving it. It’s taking off and seems to appeal to local businesses looking for online presence and also to hobbyists looking to earn a side income.

All work and no play

I would work all day if I could but you know what they say about all work and no play, so here’s a few fun things I love to do and a few of my favourite things.

My first car

A dark blue and silver Ford Capri was my first car and we bought it a few weeks after getting back from honeymoon. It gave us some enjoyable journeys around the UK, especially the Lakes.

My favourite Music

I love everything by Terry Hall. My other favourites include Bob Marley, The Cure, The Smiths,The Jam and The Who.

My favourite films

Jungle Book has got to be my favourite, it’s a real feel good film, but I also love horror. Anything with Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon or Julia Roberts are great for me to.

My star sign

I am a cancerian and have a keen interest in astrology. My chinese sign is the monkey.

My favourite colour

It’s got to be black for me and deep purple.

My favourite tipples

Disarono is my favourite and I love a Guiness. I’m partial to a red wine, brandy or whiskey too. Not a tipple but I have to mention strong black coffee.

My ideal chill out time

I would go to the Peak District in Derbyshire to a place called Monsal Head. It’s perfect there. I would then travel down to Cornwall to a place called Trebarwith Strand. That was where we used to go often for our holidays as a child. I love it there. I would travel around Europe and I am very keen to go to the Himalayas and Tibet.