Taking The Wrong Turn

Paolo Di Canio runs an extra 14 miles, after firing the gun to start the runners in the Swindon half marathon, and joining in what should have been a 2 mile jog in a fun run. However a wrong turn (was Leon Clarke working as a marshal?) ended in him running the half marathon course and 800 metres of his original course. Showing the will and determination that along with great ability took him to the top of his sport, he went on and on. Anyone who has run half marathons will respect both the physical and mental strength required to finish, particularly when … Continue reading Taking The Wrong Turn

Planned Purchases Perform Better

You have to “speculate to accumulate” to improve your business. This is an old adage of business but this has also led to the downfall of many businesses. Keeping control of cost is something all business people have to do. One key area of keeping control of your costs is in the purchasing of new equipment. There are many salespeople trying to sell you things that you do not need or do not need at that time. Don’t impulse buy – strategically buy. In a small business it is very easy to buy things without costing them.  Costing and research … Continue reading Planned Purchases Perform Better

Reaching Out To The World

Blogging is a new word invented for the internet, however its origins go back to Grecian times.  Since the invention of papyrus, mathematicians and philosophers have written their ideas and formulae, and then published and freely distributed their work to a wider audience in the hope that their ideas would be heard and would influence people. This is what bloggers of today are trying to do.  One of  the most famous events in history started out with a small group of people with a great idea (and in this case a moral conscience).  It was the abolition of slavery, in … Continue reading Reaching Out To The World