Taking The Wrong Turn

Paolo Di Canio runs an extra 14 miles, after firing the gun to start the runners in the Swindon half marathon, and joining in what should have been a 2 mile jog in a fun run. However a wrong turn (was Leon Clarke working as a marshal?) ended in him running the half marathon course and 800 metres of his original course. Showing the will and determination that along with great ability took him to the top of his sport, he went on and on.

Anyone who has run half marathons will respect both the physical and mental strength required to finish, particularly when totally unprepared.

It should also inspire youngsters into realising that mental strength bloody mindedness goes hand in glove when reaching for the heights and even when you have finished and passed your best, in winners a small turn in the wrong direction just kicks in that mind-set automatically.

This attitude can and should be used in all walks of life, but in todays difficult times, self-employed business people need this character in abundance.

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Planned Purchases Perform Better

You have to “speculate to accumulate” to improve your business. This is an old adage of business but this has also led to the downfall of many businesses. Keeping control of cost is something all business people have to do.

One key area of keeping control of your costs is in the purchasing of new equipment. There are many salespeople trying to sell you things that you do not need or do not need at that time. Don’t impulse buystrategically buy. In a small business it is very easy to buy things without costing them.  Costing and research is very important and does not have to be long-winded or costly but failing to do so could be costly.

Over stretching yourself can soon bring your business a cash flow problem, particularly if the new equipment is not getting the return you expected, so you must consider what you expect from any purchase.

Think through the idea from start to finish.  Don’t think it cannot happen to you – even the experts get it wrong.

Governments and local councils are particularly apt at making these mistakes.  In England they planned, budgeted and built a beautiful bridge which was also the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time.

Part of this project was to build a motorway up the east coast of England, easing traffic on the congested A1 & M1 Motorways and diverting traffic down the east coast through Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, opening up new opportunities and breathing life into this isolated region. They also went to the cost of converting parts of the counties of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire into one county which they renamed Humberside.

The Motorway has never been built and about 20 years later they changed Humberside back to their Yorkshire and Lincolnshire origins.

The whole area is in deep recession paying for a bridge that can never pay for itself  because of the low volume of traffic it receives and the interest payments alone have cost millions (partly causing the recession).  Business fuel costs are greater because of the distances and slower roads. All of this is keeping the area depressed.  It would have been better if the bridge had never been built and to add insult to injury, one of the poorest parts of the country pays one of the highest fuel (petrol/gas) prices in the country having the extra cost of transporting the fuel on poor roads.

Hopefully your purchases will help your business but be careful and try not to impulse buy – always strategically buy and plan carefully.

If one item is linked to another, be careful to buy them in the correct order and make sure you will be able to buy the other items later and therefore not making the item you have just bought redundant or not cost-effective. This is a very common occurrence and it is a balancing act that all businesses have to deal with. That is if you do not want your very own white elephant.

Following good practices will improve your business.

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Reaching Out To The World

Blogging is a new word invented for the internet, however its origins go back to Grecian times.  Since the invention of papyrus, mathematicians and philosophers have written their ideas and formulae, and then published and freely distributed their work to a wider audience in the hope that their ideas would be heard and would influence people.

This is what bloggers of today are trying to do.  One of  the most famous events in history started out with a small group of people with a great idea (and in this case a moral conscience).  It was the abolition of slavery, in about 1775 a small group of people started the abolition of slavery group in London.

They wrote articles about this wrong and sold them to the gentry and freely distributed them to the people of London and surrounding areas.   This idea inspired others to join,  including William Wilberforce who funded and wrote many more articles and speeches,  some of which he made in parliament and these were made into articles and later translated and spread worldwide.

Nearly 40 years later they succeeded in their goal.  Even the American constitution was formed out of many articles petitioned to politicians, some heeded, some not but blogging has been a powerful tool in shaping the world today.

The internet reaches many more people, even more than television can, so your ideas can be seen by a larger audience, so get your ideas written, get them out there to the web surfers and see your business grow.  You may or may not change the world but you will almost certainly improve your business.

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Make Money From Blogging About Your Interests

The whole idea of blogging is alien to most people. Having to think and write new and fresh blogs is, to most people, particularly hard. However, if I told you that you can make money from blogging about your interests, would this inspire you to write more often?

Most people are not a Shakespeare or Dickens, but you still have something valid and interesting to say. Your life is unique and if you can make some money writing about it, all the better for it.

So here are 4 ways in which you can do this and have fun to.

1. Join Google AdSense and other retail outlets and advertise them on your website and sell as an affiliate seller . Google have some great tutorials that make this easy to do.

2. Join ClickBank where you can paste graphics already published by others and learn to add text link ads into the body of your articles. You can add hyperlinks into your text, which relate to your interest offering products for sale.

It is easier than it sounds, believe me you can do it.  Learn a little and have fun and see your work on your own website. You’ll be thrilled.

3. Paste banners to cost per-action (cpa) programmes.  If a customer clicks on these you get paid or if the customer buys something  you will get a commission.

If you join Commission Junction you will get access to an array of these banners in many niche (ie : football) markets. You may even get other marketers wanting to advertise on your website.

4. When you write about your interest, say hairdressing, your articles can make you an expert. This could mean people will take notice of your website and revisit.  It is also possible that someone may even buy your website off you (if you wanted to sell, of course). So writing about your interest could earn you some money.

If writing content about your interests is still overwhelming to you, hire a blog writer and let them do it. You can buy blog articles and these will give you great content for your blog or website.

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Is Your Business Open 24 Hours?

Is your business open 24 hours? Do you even have a Website for your business? This may sound like a stupid question but many online affiliate marketers do not have a website. And many Websites owned by small businesses only have e-mail links to be contacted. These emails can of course be accessed and replied to throughout the day by computer or even by mobile phone, but if you are asleep, you do not want your phone going off all night, every night.

You may lose the custom of someone, to a business somewhere in the world that is open. Or if you are dealing in goods locally, another Butcher in the area who has a Website as a way to take an order and deliver the next day, will more than likely be in demand. Customers want instant satisfaction with their shopping.

To reach remote places or get footfall you could not ever reach normally, opening your business up to 24 hour opening at little cost could increase your turn-over and give you access to markets usually out of reach, whether it is in the next town or the other side of the world.

Quick response to a customer, if only to acknowledge them and tell them when you will be available to conduct business with them, could get you extra custom and these customers are just as likely to return to you.

You do not need to employ anyone. You need to automate your business. An autoresponder will solve this. When a customer requests information (eg ebooks, reports etc) he/she will always be delivered an instant response and the information in their email box.

Whilst automating your business makes you look more professional, your re-action to the customer is a professional one and gives confidence to your potential customer. So remember to automate your business and spread your net further than ever before and catch and keep more customers usually inaccessible to you.

And if a customer has a personal query that cannot be covered by automation, try to make the hours you are available listed on your website or offer a reply within 24 or 48 hours.

Email Marketing

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How to Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income

As many people have found out in the current economic slump having all your income eggs in one basket is not a good idea. Many people who have lost their jobs also lost the only way they had to make money.

On the Internet it is possible to create multiple streams of income and a good way to do that is to build residual income streams. Multiple streams of income just mean you’re earning money in more than one way. Residual income means you continue to get paid even when you’re no longer working. This is also known as creating a walk away income and in the past was primarily promoted through network marketing.

MLM opportunities continue to be a great way to develop a residual income. As a matter of fact more people are making money in network marketing than any time in history. This is due primarily to how much easier it is to sell products on the Internet and to enroll new distributors.

You can also create a residual income by joining two-tier affiliate programs and recruiting people to sell. You earn money on every sale made by affiliate marketers you recruit. Even when you are no longer selling yourself you can continue to receive affiliate income checks every month.

Some Internet marketers have created many websites or blogs and make money on them every month. If you work with this strategy over time you can have an Internet marketing empire in multiple niches earning you income in various ways.

It is very exciting to think about creating multiple streams of residual income on the Internet today.

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The Top 5 Internet Business Resources

You are going to need to learn how if you want to make more money with your Internet business. Fortunately there are many resources available to you to help your online business make more money.

Here are the top five Internet business resources for training and helping you be more profitable.

1. There is more to Google than just using them to search for things. If you do not have one already you need to open an account with Google. This will give you access to all of their unbelievable resources available to help you build your Internet business.

Everyone already knows about the great results the Google search engine provides. They also offer other things such as free email accounts, pay-per-click advertising, a PPC affiliate program, site statistics and much more.

You can learn more about Internet marketing and becoming more profitable when you take advantage of everything Google offers your business.

2. Discussion forums are full of resources and training for your internet business. The Warrior Forum is a perfect example of this.

You can hang out and read useful tips from some of the top Internet marketers in the world. You can join the forum and post questions and get answers back on those which is great.

3. Membership sites load up on bonuses for their members.  They give the basics for their members and many offer more bonuses in ways of ebooks, articles, reports, software and so on.

4. Article directories are a great source for training, content, and business ideas. There are literally hundreds of article directories you can use for content and training.

You can also submit articles to these which can help drive visitors to your blogs and websites. is the world’s largest and a really good place to start.

5. Social networking is a huge avenue for everything you want to learn or use to make more money. Making friends online is one of the best resources you can reach.

Being able to interact with people when building your business is nice because Internet marketing can get lonely. Plus social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become great resources for training as well as new business contacts for potential customers.

If you expect to learn how to become more profitable and professional Internet business resources are very important.

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6 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Website

Quite often people join affiliate marketing because the merchant provides a free replicated website. These websites all look the same and cannot be edited because you do not get access to the hosting panel. Although this is a good way to start you eventually will want to set up your own website.

Here are a few different ways you can do that and the steps it takes to get going.

1. You want to host your own website as opposed to using a replicated website. This gives you complete control over everything and you can make changes to it any time you choose.

2. Find a hosting company that fits into your budget and has a proven track record of little or no downtime. The last thing you want is to arrange for free or cheap hosting and have your website offline and not making you money.

3. Most hosting companies will offer you tutorials on how to build a website. Today this is very easy to do and you usually do not need to learn HTML code.

4. One thing to consider is using the WordPress blogging platform as your primary website. Again you do not want to choose the free hosting they offer, but rather host it yourself.

5. One huge advantage to blogging is you just type in your blog articles and WordPress builds the web pages for you. They also offer many plug-ins to liven your blog up which is helpful in attracting and keeping long-term readers.

6. If the thought of doing all this is too much for you can hire someone to do it.  I could have your website up and running within 48 hours.

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Today Is The Day To Start Blogging!

Blogging is new to me – in fact this is my first post. Blogging is an excellent way to always have fresh content on your website. Whether it’s a business blog or a blog on your hobby/interests – I would recommend that you start blogging today.

The focus of my website is Home Based Business Ideas and Opportunities. If you are starting out and hoping to build a work from home website, then start by adding fresh content each day and aim to make your website as unique as you can. That’s what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks.

If you don’t have your own website at the moment, then be sure to come back soon and I’ll show you a great way to get your very own website set up for free.

Until then – I’ll submit my first post and start to build my website day by day!

Thanks for stopping by.


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How To Make Your First WordPress Post

If you have just started with WordPress, then I thought you might find theses two short videos useful . They briefly explain the dashboard and how to make your first blog post. Contact me if you need any help anytime. I hope you enjoy developing your new website as much as I have developing mine.