Is Your Business Open 24 Hours?

Is your business open 24 hours? Do you even have a Website for your business? This may sound like a stupid question but many online affiliate marketers do not have a website. And many Websites owned by small businesses only have e-mail links to be contacted. These emails can of course be accessed and replied to throughout the day by computer or even by mobile phone, but if you are asleep, you do not want your phone going off all night, every night.

You may lose the custom of someone, to a business somewhere in the world that is open. Or if you are dealing in goods locally, another Butcher in the area who has a Website as a way to take an order and deliver the next day, will more than likely be in demand. Customers want instant satisfaction with their shopping.

To reach remote places or get footfall you could not ever reach normally, opening your business up to 24 hour opening at little cost could increase your turn-over and give you access to markets usually out of reach, whether it is in the next town or the other side of the world.

Quick response to a customer, if only to acknowledge them and tell them when you will be available to conduct business with them, could get you extra custom and these customers are just as likely to return to you.

You do not need to employ anyone. You need to automate your business. An autoresponder will solve this. When a customer requests information (eg ebooks, reports etc) he/she will always be delivered an instant response and the information in their email box.

Whilst automating your business makes you look more professional, your re-action to the customer is a professional one and gives confidence to your potential customer. So remember to automate your business and spread your net further than ever before and catch and keep more customers usually inaccessible to you.

And if a customer has a personal query that cannot be covered by automation, try to make the hours you are available listed on your website or offer a reply within 24 or 48 hours.

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  1. Pretty insightful post. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had spent a good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up

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