Reaching Out To The World

Blogging is a new word invented for the internet, however its origins go back to Grecian times.  Since the invention of papyrus, mathematicians and philosophers have written their ideas and formulae, and then published and freely distributed their work to a wider audience in the hope that their ideas would be heard and would influence people.

This is what bloggers of today are trying to do.  One of  the most famous events in history started out with a small group of people with a great idea (and in this case a moral conscience).  It was the abolition of slavery, in about 1775 a small group of people started the abolition of slavery group in London.

They wrote articles about this wrong and sold them to the gentry and freely distributed them to the people of London and surrounding areas.   This idea inspired others to join,  including William Wilberforce who funded and wrote many more articles and speeches,  some of which he made in parliament and these were made into articles and later translated and spread worldwide.

Nearly 40 years later they succeeded in their goal.  Even the American constitution was formed out of many articles petitioned to politicians, some heeded, some not but blogging has been a powerful tool in shaping the world today.

The internet reaches many more people, even more than television can, so your ideas can be seen by a larger audience, so get your ideas written, get them out there to the web surfers and see your business grow.  You may or may not change the world but you will almost certainly improve your business.

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