Make Money From Blogging About Your Interests

The whole idea of blogging is alien to most people. Having to think and write new and fresh blogs is, to most people, particularly hard. However, if I told you that you can make money from blogging about your interests, would this inspire you to write more often? Most people are not a Shakespeare or Dickens, but you still have something valid and interesting to say. Your life is unique and if you can make some money writing about it, all the better for it. So here are 4 ways in which you can do this and have fun to. … Continue reading Make Money From Blogging About Your Interests

6 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Website

Quite often people join affiliate marketing because the merchant provides a free replicated website. These websites all look the same and cannot be edited because you do not get access to the hosting panel. Although this is a good way to start you eventually will want to set up your own website. Here are a few different ways you can do that and the steps it takes to get going. 1. You want to host your own website as opposed to using a replicated website. This gives you complete control over everything and you can make changes to it any time you choose. … Continue reading 6 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Website

Today Is The Day To Start Blogging!

Blogging is new to me – in fact this is my first post. Blogging is an excellent way to always have fresh content on your website. Whether it’s a business blog or a blog on your hobby/interests – I would recommend that you start blogging today. The focus of my website is Home Based Business Ideas and Opportunities. If you are starting out and hoping to build a work from home website, then start by adding fresh content each day and aim to make your website as unique as you can. That’s what I’ll be doing over the next few … Continue reading Today Is The Day To Start Blogging!

How To Make Your First WordPress Post

If you have just started with WordPress, then I thought you might find theses two short videos useful . They briefly explain the dashboard and how to make your first blog post. Contact me if you need any help anytime. I hope you enjoy developing your new website as much as I have developing mine.