6 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Website

Quite often people join affiliate marketing because the merchant provides a free replicated website. These websites all look the same and cannot be edited because you do not get access to the hosting panel. Although this is a good way to start you eventually will want to set up your own website. Here are a few different ways you can do that and the steps it takes to get going. 1. You want to host your own website as opposed to using a replicated website. This gives you complete control over everything and you can make changes to it any time you choose. … Continue reading 6 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Website

How To Make Your First WordPress Post

If you have just started with WordPress, then I thought you might find theses two short videos useful . They briefly explain the dashboard and how to make your first blog post. Contact me if you need any help anytime. I hope you enjoy developing your new website as much as I have developing mine.